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  1. Choose from our range of wireless alarm systems which can then be extended using appropriate accessories.  Learn More
  1. Check who is ringing your doorbell before you decide whether to open the door or not.  Learn More
  1. INSTEON is the most reliable Wireless Home Control Networking Technology. INSTEON offers more scalability and flexibility than any other Home Management System in the market. INSTEON is the only technology that simultaneously utilizes both wireless RF and the Power lines (electric wires) in a building. Learn More
  1. IP controllers allow many commonly used devices to be allocated an IP address so that they can be easily managed and accessed via network-based software using a smartphone or tablet computer. Learn More
  1. Remote control extenders (sometimes called infrared extenders) allow you to extend the range of your infrared remote controls so that you can control equipment which is out of sight (for example, in a cupboard, in a different room, or behind your TV). Learn More
  1. Russound A-BUS is a complete whole-house audio solution which provides stunning quality centralised music throughout the home without the clutter of black boxes and wire spaghetti.  Learn More
  1. Hi-fi and home cinema speakers in all shapes and sizes. Learn More
  1. Systemline E200 is a superb built-in DAB/FM sound system with options for iPod, Bluetooth & TV sound connectivity. Learn More
  1. If you need to send video over longer distances than you can with regular video interconnect cables, or between places where it is difficult to lay cables, then video senders & receivers may provide the answer.  Learn More
  1. If you need to split video signals so that you can watch a source on more than one device, or connect more devices to a TV or projector than it has available inputs, then we have the answer. Learn More
  1. Enjoy smooth, filtered water - direct from your kitchen tap. Learn More

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