Welcome to the new ReallyCleverHomes website

The ultimate aim is for ReallyCleverHomes.co.uk to become the UK’s ‘one-stop-shop’ of choice for home technology advice, product information, news, opinion and discussion.

Our new website structure…

The new ReallyCleverHomes website has four main sections:

  • Information & advice: Our information and advice section will contain introductory guides, solutions to problems and detailed how-to guides.
  • Product guide: Our product guide will contain details of hundreds (ultimately thousands) of product descriptions.
  • News: Our news section will contain news from the home technology industry in general, together with product news from and about home technology service providers and manufacturers.
  • Discussion: Our discussion forums will allow our website visitors to share their expertise, ask others for theirs, and enjoy ‘socialising’ online with people who share a common interest.

Recent additions to our product guide…

We’re adding new product details all the time. The most recent ones we’ve added are here: