Reduce dependency on mains water, gas, electricity Dealing with floods Maintaining food reserves Dealing with extremes of heat & cold


Reduce water consumption or use recycled/harvested water Reduce energy consumption Create a wildlife friendly garden Compost Minimize waste / re-use / recyle Reduce food waste Use natural cleaning products

Easy to maintain

Declutter Storage Simplify design elements to reduce cleaning Choose easy to clean/maintain surfaces Use durable/low-maintenance materials Create a low-maintenance garden Automate cleaning, garden-watering, lawnmowing Choose the right tools

Cheaper to run

Reduce energy consumption Switch energy tariff/supplier Switch television, television, broadband package/supplier Switch home insurance Reduce water consumption Generate energy / heat ? Use recycled/harvested water


Natural light Quality air (humidity, freshness, contaminants) Cleanliness Water quality (purity, softness) Dedicated workspace Plants Fish Heating Noise Clutter Sleep Healthy materials