How to choose a robotic lawnmower

By Martin Durham

This article is part 2 of my buyers’ guide to robotic lawnmowers. In it I’ll walk you through the main things you’ll need to consider in order to choose the best robotic lawnmower for your particular circumstances.

How big is your garden?

Manufacturers typically specify a maximum lawn size that is appropriate for each of their models. This is calculated to try to ensure that the mower can get back to its base station without running out of power. It also defines how much perimeter wire is supplied with the mower when you buy it.

Is your garden on a slope?

If your lawn has a slope then you need to ensure that you choose a robotic mower what has enough power and traction to cope with the incline. Manufacturers typically specify a maximum gradient that each of their models can handle.

Do you have more than one lawn?

If you have more than one lawn (or your lawn is separated by fences, borders or paths) then you may need to choose a mower that can handle multiple zones.

What’s the battery life and battery recharge time?

Battery life dictates how long your mower can operate between charges and battery recharge time defines how long it remains idle whilst it recharges. If you like the idea of getting your lawn(s) mowed whilst you are around to keep an eye on things then you might want to choose a robotic mower than can complete the task in one go, or (if that’s not possible) one that doesn’t have to spend too long in its dock.

What next?

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